Monday, 23 April 2012

T is for Tobias

You wanted to come to us early and gave us quite a shock
We took a quick look at the clock
Hannah started her car and dashed you to the maternity ward
‘Oh no,’ they said.  ‘Millie, you aren't far enough forward.’

Mummy and daddy like to prove people wrong
And out you came, small but strong
We counted all your fingers and your toes
Then we let everybody know.

The wondrous miracle next generation
With your light reddish hair and no question
That we would love and adore you and keep you safe
There would be no chance for you to be a waif.

I look at your picture every day
Loving you more in every way
Knowing that you are developing and growing
As I listen to you chuckling and cooing.

I gaze adoringly at my newest grandson
Wanting to cuddle and hug Tobias John
We call you Toby which suits you down to the ground
It feels as if you have always been around.

Your big sister Robyn
Cousins Sean, Josh and Devan
No shortage of playmates to keep you company
As we all look on proudly.

Beautiful boy



  1. Doubly precious when the first days must have been rather worrying. Awww, so sweet:-)

  2. Sweet Tobias!
    My first born came 6 weeks early and it was tough. But she's almost 6 now and I can't believe how fast these years have gone by. But one thing is sure, she still continues to amaze me. (:

  3. Ahh congratulations. Lovely pic. Wishing him healthy and happiness.

  4. Sally, I love that Surprise Me button. Thank you for coming by RomanticFridayWriters and reading my poem. This poem to Tobias is wonderful. I'm so glad I came by today and I've followed you too.


    I've just posted a dark tale at RFW...

  5. What a sweet poem for a sweet little boy! Congratulations! Love the name Tobias! :)

  6. He's precious and that was a sweet poem! Thanks for visiting my blog today : )