Tuesday, 3 April 2012


She rises from her bed at dawn
Is it really yet another morn?
It feels as if she hasn't been home
Suffering from the guilt syndrome

Early starts and late nights such a struggle
On the train with the hoi polloi, a constant babble
She feels her shoulders gathering tension
Is she really doing this for her pension?

She arrives at work and engages the day
Her home and family seem so far away
The only way to cope is to shut the drawers
One for hubby, one each for her daughters

Memories contained within ready to emerge
She has to keep them submerged
She kisses her girls’ faces all soft and dreamy
Hears the murmurs of ‘love you mummy.’

A working woman isn't supposed to show her emotion
Hoping they will realise her love and devotion
She does it to keep hearth and home together twenty-four seven
Dreaming of rewards before she gets to heaven.

Her lot in life is not so tough
Although sometimes it does feel rough
She’ll make it through the days and years
Working hard through any tears

The sacrifices she makes are beyond any cost
Her family safe and secure is what she wants most
Their love and affection is what keeps her going
So she knuckles down without any groaning.

There can be no regrets, no false hope
Living this life walking the tightrope
She holds on to her belief, her faith and her certainty
No hesitation in right or wrong, her love is given freely.


  1. Great... sounds like the story of my life. good luck with A-Z

  2. Wow, lovely yet sad poem. Think all us mums suffer from this at one time or another. Great post.

  3. Very evocative, thanks for sharing.

  4. Such a lovely poem. Thanks so much for celebrating the working mother.

  5. Beautiful poem that touches this Momma's heart. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading more of your posts throughout the challenge. Happy Tuesday! ☺

  6. PS...You'll receive many more comments if you disable the word verification from your blog. Blogger is really good at blocking the spam...pinky promise. ☺

    1. Thank you Larri. I thought I had turned it off. I think I did all the right steps except the main one 'save'. So hopefully it is now turned off. I don't know how to check that though.

  7. This is beautiful and hits very close to home! Thank you.
    Good luck with the Challenge.