Monday, 9 April 2012

H is for Homesick


Lying down in this strange bed
Thoughts whirling round in my head
Trying not to listen to the insidious voice
Asking have I made the right choice.

I’ve worked hard for this over the years
So I will fight through these tears
Living in this great big city among millions
Feeling I’m changing like a chameleon.

Shall I go home?
Is the underlying tone
But I will carry on with this endeavour
Because I know that I am clever.

I will weather this storm
Until it becomes the norm
A few weeks from now I’ll wonder about the fuss
As I’m travelling to and fro on the bus.

My phone has been my lifeline
My family supporting me in this time
My friends are constantly there
In the ether or elsewhere.

I will make new friends and enjoy this part of my life
The fun will come and I will have an adventure
So I’m going to stand tall and strong
And keep on keeping on.


  1. Beautiful words. I especially like: "I will weather this storm, Until it becomes the norm" it makes me think of how we sometimes think things are impossible, then surpass our expectations! Lovely pictures too :)

  2. This tugs at my heartstrings. I get homesick sometimes and I can relate to your words. Lovely poem as always. (:

  3. This is a tender and well written poem. I love the chameleon imagery.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. I have spent the past few years in various countries and have often felt more than a little pang of homesickness. You captured it well, and I like that it ended on a positive note :)
    Amy (AtoZ)

  5. This really spoke to me - I miss my family so much at times. Lovely poem Sally.

  6. I can relate. I am home now, but the last place I lived never felt right. Friends and family make all the difference.

  7. A very pretty poem! Like the others, I like this line: I will weather this storm, Until it becomes the norm

    Sonia Lal, A to Z challenge

  8. again.. fits perfectly.. I was going to write about HOMESICKNESS..
    been here for 7 years.. and still have it.. - sometimes I think it is getting worse instead of better.. :-(

  9. As a military-brat who moved around a lot, I feel this piece! :)

  10. I think you've captured the feeling perfectly.