Friday, 13 April 2012

L is for LILY

High guys, it’s been brought to my attention that a lot of my poems have been quite sad or rather morose lately and today is no exception.  My dear friend passed away recently after a long illness and although we were all very sad that she is no longer here it is also tinged with gladness that she isn't suffering anymore.
I’ve checked through my posts and what I plan to post and I would say that half of the alphabet letters are in a lighter vein and I hope you will think so as well.  I will certainly keep it in mind for any other challenges that I participate in.  Thank you all for your feedback it is much appreciated.

From my husband and my family
The release of pain has taken me away
I’ve left you all behind to carry on
As I join my daughter and her baby
Both of whom were taken too early.

You have to continue on without me
I know you are feeling angry
Sad and grieving, your hearts are breaking
I want you to know it was not of my making
Time to heal and time for praying


I couldn’t stay for another day
So I slipped peacefully away
Without a fuss, no bright lights
I quietly left to start my new venture
Although not with my life-long partner
Remember me as I remember you
Loving hearts and memories hard to bear
The fun and laughter that we all share
Wipe away the traces of your tears
And think of all our happy years.

As the time moves and the grating, aching pain
Changes from sharp shock into a more mellow domain
Here in heaven protected by the angels
I’ll be watching and loving you all from afar
Sprinkling you all with love from my star.



  1. 'Writing out the pain' helps in acceptance and permission to move on.

  2. I agree with jabblog. Beautiful poem dealing with a difficult subject. You weave your words with heart.

  3. Such a wonderful tributd to your friend.

  4. This is such a beautiful tribute to your friend. Truly lovely.