Monday, 16 April 2012

Night Descends


As night descends the darkness takes hold
It is time to be strong and bold.
Running from the demons, hiding from the devil
Thoughts go round and round spiralling down to the ground.

The merry-go-round of life
Retracing steps, backing away from strife
Entering into cul-de-sacs, taking the heat
On the one way street

The power of thoughts jumbling altogether
Like the forecast and rainy weather
Chasing the clouds and finding the sun
Looking and watching out for everyone.

Is there an answer, a solution to be found
Amongst the incessant clamouring on the ground?
Rising up from the depths of despair
Wondering how we ever got there.

Reaching out for help not forthcoming
Is it all preordained by those more cunning?
Take a step back and stop and listen to try and hear
What the spirits and angels are whispering to you my dear.

Open your heart and mind and learn
You don't have to twist and turn
Make your own waves and furrows
And enjoy all your tomorrows.

Live your life to the full
Stop taking the bull
Love and kindness is all around you
Accept those who dip in to it like a pot of fondue

You may not know until you are gone
Nobody will remember you in a song
But in their hearts and minds
You were always one of a kind.