Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Mondays Finish the Story – Sept. 21st, 2015
Our host Barbara Beacham provides a unique flash fiction challenge.

A photo and first line is provided and the  challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided. 

Don’t forget to use the opening sentence… 

This challenge runs from Monday to Sunday! Get creative and have fun finishing the story!
Please include the photo with your bit of flash and a link back to this post. 
Clink on the link above to find the blue froggy to have a go yourself.  It’s great fun. 

Photo credit: Barbara W. Beacham
Finish the story begins with:  “She lived in a mango tree.”


She lived in a mango tree. 

Her childhood dream had come true. She was the envy of the neighbourhood.  She lived in a tree house, not any old tree house but a mango tree house.  After all these years obtaining planning permission, architects drawings, false starts and many obligatory stops by builders who said it couldn't be done.  Now she had proved to everybody that if you dream long enough and hard enough you can fulfil your dreams. 

It was a shame about the insects that bothered her all day long. 

It was a shame that her knees were becoming arthritic and the climb up the white wooden stairs bothered her more than she would admit to. 

It was a shame that she became acrophobic. 

It was a shame she was going to have to sell her beautiful dream home.

Word count: 134


  1. Ohhh no! After all that effort.

  2. As they say, "Be careful what you wish for."

  3. How sad! She dreamed and planned for so long to have her "dream tree house home" and by the time the dream comes true she isn't able to enjoy it. I am sure this happens a lot to dreamers - their dream finally comes true when they are too old to enjoy it. I enjoyed your story very much Sally.

  4. Oh no :-( Poor woman, after all the trouble she's been through and all the hurdles standing in her way. Nice story!

  5. Oh, I do feel for her (especially the arthritic knees) If I were her, I would make sure I didn't need to go out. Have my groceries delivered. A place like that would be a joy to live in. And...there's always a stair chair :)

  6. Those darn permits and then only to lose the tree house...Another well written story Sally! Thank you for participating in the Mondays Finish the Story challenge. Be well... ^..^