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Sonny dashed out of the classroom, scurrying through double doors along with all his five year old friends, suddenly he stopped, he stood quite still he couldn’t see his mum in her usual place.  He scanned the playground looking and looking for her but he didn't see her.  He felt tears come to his eyes, he swallowed, gulping as he did so, he mustn’t cry, he was a big boy now, at big boys’ school, he was five years old.  

His teacher, Miss Williams, came over.  ‘Are you alright, Sonny?’  She bent down low to his eye level.  

‘I can’t see my mum.’  Sonny’s voice quavered a little.

Miss Williams scanned the playground as well.  She stood up and holding Sonny’s hand she said, ‘come with me back into the office and we’ll see if there is a message.’

Sonny sat in the big grown-up chair while Miss Williams whispered to Mrs. Jones.  They looked over to him, then looked away and whispered again.   Sonny fidgeted in the big black chair which was sticking to his bare legs.  He was beginning to feel the start of pins and needles in his legs as he desperately inched forward a little to try and rest his feet on the ground.   His backpack was digging in to his ribs and he struggled to pull his arms out of it and place in on his lap.  

Sonny looked up at the clock on the office wall.  It was nice and big and the hands were pointing past number three so he knew something was wrong.  He couldn’t really tell the time but he knew that past the number three he should be on his way home.  His stomach made a noise and he belched quietly.

‘Sorry, miss,’ he said. 

Miss Williams turned back to Mrs. Jones as she smothered a smile.  He really was a cute kid with his curly hair and that fine sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of his nose.  She was actually getting worried herself now as it was most unusual for Mrs. Cox not to be there at the end of school. 

The outside door swung open and Mr. Cox burst into the office.  


‘Hello, Sonny, I am so sorry I’m late.’  Ray Cox looked apologetically at the two ladies looking sternly at him and then pointedly at the clock.  ‘I’ll take him now.  Thank you for keeping him.’  He was only 15 minutes late and when they knew why they would understand but he couldn’t tell them until he had told Sonny. 

As they were driving along the road his dad said, ‘Sonny, I have a great surprise for you.  We’re not going straight home today.’

‘Tell me, tell me,’ Sonny bounced up and down on his car seat and sat still as he saw the stern look from his dad in the rear view mirror. 

‘We are going to the hospital to meet your little sister, Millie-Rae.’

‘But I wanted a brother,’ pouted Sonny.

Word Count: 500


  1. that was a cute story... Loved the ending. Bet he grows to love his little sister (and protect her like most all big brothers do ;-)

  2. Wonderful details -- you captured the nervousness and uncertainty of waiting.

  3. Awww! Great story! I think we all had that experience looking for a parent and not seeing them when they should have been there. Beautifully done!

  4. Haha! "I wanted a brother!" I love it! You captured the five-year old mentality perfectly in this whole piece. I just love this story to pieces. Nicely done, Sally!