Monday, 7 July 2014


It is time for this week's Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  Using the photograph supplied and five mandatory words write a piece of 500 words or less to let out your creative side. 

Here is our photo and words:

Mandatory words:

Here is how the blog hop works:
1 ) Use the phone and the five mandatory words in your story.
2) Keep your word count 500 or less.
3) You have until next Tuesday night to link up your post.
4) Add your story (Blue Link) at Leanne's, Debb's, or Tena's websites.
5) Have fun, don't stress, let those creative juices flow!

Here is my story:


The day was here at last.  The day she’d been waiting for.  The last six months had dragged by since Christmas day when she opened a card showing a reindeer pulling a sleigh across the skies and found a voucher enclosed.  A trip in a light aircraft over the town and through out to the coast and then back over the patchwork fields and tiny houses and cars far below her.   She was so excited.    Her boyfriend was the best.

She drank her last cup of coffee, loaded up on adrenaline, the last thing she probably needed was more caffeine coursing through her veins when she was already hyped up.    She took a deep breath and looked at the photograph framed in silver edging sitting on the dresser next to the wig stand holding a beautiful Dolly Parton hairpiece.

Clarissa knew her dad was smiling down at her.  She blew a kiss at him, remembering the day when the press came and took that picture of him standing outside his Old English Barber shop.  His pride and joy, it was the only one in the High Street and always busy.  The gentlemen sat comfortably in the old fashioned leather backed chairs that rose up and down and reclined to suit. She remembered the smell of the oils and pomades used and the noise of the clippers. She shook her head and came back to the present moment. 

The doorbell rang announcing her lift was here to take her to the airfield.   She adjusted her hairdo, looked at her acrylic nails, she took one last admiring glance at her outfit fitted with sequins and tassels in the full length mirror, nodded to herself that she would do.  As she opened the door and saw Paul she felt her smile couldn't get any wider.  He extended his hand out; she placed her bejewelled hand in to the care of his and let him take her to the airfield. 

Clarissa smiled and beamed at everybody she met from the pilot to the mechanic in his greasy overalls who wiped his hands on a stained piece of rage before shaking her hand.  At last she was inside the plane, looking down on the tarmac, she felt the power of the engine increase as they taxied along the runaway and then without her realising it they were up and in the air.  

Clarissa looked out through the tiny window at the landscape below, marvelling at how tiny everything was from up in the clouds.  She felt a tiny frisson of apprehension as she realised how small that landing wheel was but she took a deep breath and put all her trust in the pilot. 

She turned to look at Paul who had turned slightly green at the take off and was swallowing hard to keep his lunch down.  She giggled to herself, who would have thought such a manly man would suffer from air sickness.  

Words: 492


  1. Nice job. I like the images of her barber father.

  2. Once again you amaze me Sally with your ability to accomplish this task so well. I enjoyed the story and your writting skills . Hugs

  3. yet another awesome job Sally... I enjoy reading your entries for the WWBH Hops :-)

  4. It is always fun anticipating how you will put those words into your story.