Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Monthly Contest with Carol Kilgore

 The lovely author, Carol Kilgore runs a monthly competition with prizes and I've decided to give it a go this month. 

 Carol says:


Welcome to the monthly ENTICING ENTRIES contest!

On the first of each month, I’ll post a different photo of a door–or perhaps a window. Beneath the photo will be a short beginning to a story about the scene in the picture. After the story is a question.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is complete the entry form with your name, email address, and your answer to the question. Your first name and last initial is fine.
The answer can be one word, a few lines, or a story. There are no wrong answers to the question!

You can answer the question with anything that fits the story . . . or you can be creative. But you must answer the question to enter.
What will you win?
  • A book.
  • Or swag.
  • Or a gift card.
  • Or whatever the Author of the Month chooses to give away.
The winner will be chosen at random after 6 p.m. Central Time on the last day of the month. The name of each month’s winner will be posted in the sidebar, and I will contact you by email if you win.
Thanks for entering, and good luck!
The winner of this month’s contest will receive a Kindle copy of my second novel, Solomon’s Compass, from me.

Daniel turned the corner. What the–? “Prissy Pots?” He started laughing and couldn’t stop. He was glad he hadn’t been drinking. All those spots almost made him dizzy as it was.

He checked the address. Yep, this was the place. He walked up the steps and opened the door.

Who or what did Daniel find inside Prissy Pots?


The old fashioned bell above the door jangled as Daniel opened the door.  The interior was gloomy to say the least with several large pots highlighted with one or two dim fairy lights. He took a step further into the interior of the shop.   

From behind the dark wooden counter popped up a wizened old man, his round framed glasses perched on the end of his nose, his bushy eyebrows reached up to his forehead where they joined his bald head.  The little old man nodded at Daniel and then turned to his right and beckoned someone to come forward.   

Daniel gasped as he beheld the loveliest vision before him.  She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.  She smiled.  This was what love at first sight meant, Daniel thought.    

The dating website he had joined last week was worth every penny of its exorbitant registration fee.