Friday, 21 August 2015


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Here is the photo prompt:

Photo credit: C.E. Ayres


It is progress. 

Honestly it really is. 

To make progress you destroy what is already there.

The council meeting was quite vocal, the sound decibels in the board room rose to a crescendo as everybody had a point to make.

Lilian sat quietly waiting for her chance to speak.

The chairwoman nodded at her to proceed as soon as there was a break in the arguments.

A demure woman normally this was too important to Lilian.

She started to speak and nearly faltered as all eyes turned towards her. 

A round of applause followed her speech. 

The vote was passed.

Word count: 100


  1. Bravo to her for winning whatever she was fighting for!

  2. I hope the vote was to save the whales! I heard from someone who lived near this mural that it was torn down and a new building replaced it. My first write had a similar slant. It's sad to think they could destroy something so beautiful, but I guess, they see it as something that can be redone. I don't know it was such a surprise and I'm sure a real joy to those who lived there. Well done, Sally!

  3. Dear Sally,

    Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe.