Tuesday, 14 October 2014


This week's blog hop prompts are two photographs:

A reminder of the rules:

1) Use the photo(s) and prompt to write a 500-word story; all elements of the prompt must be a feature in the brief story you create. We aren’t counting, but for the fairness of the readers please, no 1000+ word entries.

2) The Photo(s) must be visible in your blog post and where 1 photo/5 words is the theme, the 5 words MUST be clearly referenced in your story. Variations on a word are allowed within reason (for example: adding s, ed, ing to the word to be grammatically correct); but creating a new, unrelated, word is not. (To see an example of a “1 photo/5 word” story see Faith, Hope, Love, and Pink by one of our hosts, Debb Stanton.)

3) Photos are the property of the hostess for the week, unless otherwise mentioned. Please Do Not share photos and/or prompt words as your own.

4) In order to honour the community-purpose of the blog hop, we ask that you please reference the blog hop in your post so your blog audience and the blog hop community may all be connected.

5) Link your story via the hosts listed by the following Tuesday (direct link to story, not your whole blog, please). If you are unable or need help, contact your hop host: Leanne, Debb, Heather, or Tena. Here are your two photos for this week (remember your story must reference both photos; and, both photos must be shown in your blogpost)

The two photos:


The price label on the camouflage backpack was slightly above budget.  Caroline thought hard about it and decided that, yes, she would purchase it.  She had checked out the compartments and worked out where she could stash all her bits and pieces. 

Her brother laughed at her, accusing her of packing the kitchen sink but he really didn’t understand that women needed all sorts of things that men didn’t.   His answer was - there are shops where you are going; you don’t need to pack everything. 

At home Caroline unzipped each compartment, rolling her clothing and towels, filling each compartment. She was satisfied she hadn't forgotten anything and tested it on her back.  Doubling over with the weight she fell, laughing to herself, on to her bed. 

Rolling over she struggled out of it and pulled every item out of the backpack. Now it was time to get ruthless.  Half an hour later with a repacked bag she tried again.  Hooray, success.  It was comfortable on her back and she could walk easily, a few adjustments to the shoulder straps and she was ready. 

Caroline woke to a bright day with the sun dawning through her curtains; her tummy did little butterflies in anticipation of the great journey she was going on.  The smell of toast and bacon grilling drifted up from the kitchen downstairs.  Her mum was already up to make sure she would set off on a full stomach. 

Feeling replete, following a flurry of goodbyes and good wishes, Caroline stepped out of the front door and started to walk down the driveway.  Calling to her mum, dad and brother, acknowledging their good wishes she opened the car door, stowing her backpack on the back seat of the vehicle.  She was meeting her friend, Elsie, in half an hour and then they would start marching on their adventure. 

Two hours later, panting with exertion the girls stopped to gather their breath.  Caroline extricated her camera from its case that was hung around her neck, she needed access to it at all times so that she could take photographs as and when the desire took her. 

Elsie pointed and looked up the road.  The track disappeared round a bend at the top of the slight incline, the railings on one side keeping people safe from the steep slope and the bushes on the other side adding some interest to an otherwise dull and plain stretch of road.
Caroline adjusted the settings on her Samsung camera, with the power and wonder of new technology, she snapped a brilliant picture of the road ahead, ready to forward to Facebook and Twitter once they reached civilisation with free Wi-Fi.

Elsie and Caroline looked at the photograph on the screen and then at each other.  Both girls were thinking the same thoughts, the road looked rather lonely, eerie and desolate. They needed to hurry and scurry along it for a few more miles before they reached their destination and the safety of people. 

Word count: 500



  1. Going along, everything seemingly cheerful and normal and then, WAM! It could be a cougar ready to attack, or the beginning of a Criminal Minds episode. The only clue is the last minute picture on the phone, flung to the side after the attack? You have me hooked, Sally.

    Thanks so much for coming over to see me!

    Kathy M.