Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This month the prompt is:

In 300 words or less create a superhero-like character and describe how he/she became a superhero. Include his/her special powers and how he/she uses them for good.    
Here is my submission:

Sylvia looked up towards the cloudless pale blue sky
Past the tower blocks using her inner eye
She focused all her energies on the matter in hand
She stooped down gracefully to gather a handful of sand
With the sea at her back and the hotels in the foreground
She looked like any other maternal figure strolling on the beach
So quickly did she chant under her breath thinking that each
Time she stood still it would seem she was just resting her bones
As she flicked her fingers over the sapphire blue birthstone
She held in the pocket of her white cable knitted cardigan
She trickled the grains of sand through the fingers of her other hand
She pictured the young girl in the top floor apartment crying
Gathered all the sorrow in the room that was arching and swirling
Caught it in her mind and immediately turned towards the ocean deep
She stood strong and extended her hand out with one full sweep
As the grief dissipated into the sea spray, taken by the white rollers
The sea creatures would catch any that tried to stray back to the beaches
Later on in the evening sitting in the restaurant for a meal with her daughter
She caught a glimpse of the girl sitting at the next table and saw the aura
Enveloping the teenager’s head radiating out with pastel coloured hues
She knew then that her powers were still strong and she could rescue
Some struggling poor souls who would never know of her super powers
She takes their troubles and disperses them with a flick of her fingers
Rubbing the magic birthstone bequeathed down through the generations
To the first born daughters from the noble blue blooded British maidens.

Word count: 292


  1. Oooh I love it! I love how you put it in a poem.
    Thanks for playing along.

  2. What a lovely entry. Poetic, beautiful and enchanting. Thanks for your sweet comments today about Little A. being published. :)

  3. She sounds strong and exciting.


  4. aha...she has all the elements of a good witch! Beautiful lines, Sally.