Wednesday, 3 October 2012


100 Word Challenge – Week#60

JULIA SAYS: I’ve decided I’m being far to kind to you so this week I want you to be funny! I want you to write in the genre of comedy. The prompt is:

… suddenly it was in my hand ….

As usual you have 100 words to add to those making 106 all together. The prompt must be in the piece and it should be suitable for a PG certificate.

I woke up suddenly staring straight ahead
Realised that the pillows needed to be plumped
Feathers were clumping together gathering fast
Punched them with my fist then shook them in the air
Knocking out the dreams and the previous nightmare
Then suddenly it was in my hand, this inanimate object
My favourite one out of many that I hoped to collect
With his little ears and brown droopy panda eyes staring at me,
My fingers stroking and caressing his plump, round tummy
So even at fifty-plus-something you can still be a silly-billy
Especially when nobody is watching but then you write it in poetry!

Word count: 106


  1. Wonderful! (And how cute!)

  2. Never too old for a teddy. Off to look for mine now.

  3. Wow! You made this a real challenge, it's amazing!

  4. Sally---I watch your blog closely but am usually very intimidated by it all. Can you briefly explain how this works? I am very intrigued, especially by this challenge. ;o)

    1. Hi Kathleen, this is a 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups and each week Julia sets a prompt, sometimes words, sometimes a picture and sometimes what genre she wants you to use. It can be prose or poetry and you have to use the words in the prompt plus another 100 words. Julia probably explains it better than I can. Here is a link.
      Have a look at Julia's site as well because she joins in another challenge which is photographic which I always look at but haven't joined in with. It would be great if you could have a go.