Friday, 10 August 2012

This is a first-person challenge! You are sick of your life! You feel the need to break out of the box! You are doing what you want for a change!  Yes! You’re taking that break you’ve been promising yourself – you’re heading for a tropical island paradise to:
-finish that project you’ve been working on
-just do nothing but sunbake, eat, party
-think about your relationship (does that need to change too?)
Perhaps your love may surprise you with a welcome or unwelcome visit to enhance/spoil your island idyll...
Perhaps your love decides to move on while you’re gone...
Perhaps you miss your love so much that you hurry home before your time
This could be exhilarating ... or tragic ...
Your story, your way!  Surprise us.
Here is my contribution :

I wanted to achieve so many things in my life
The main priority and just one of them was to be his wife
My job, although different, was no less stressful than his
I needed a week away to rethink and recharge my batteries

The opportunity to have a break came at the end of the week
Take this holiday booking for me said my brother, the geek
Work is sending me to troubleshoot at a secret location
So please, please take my sun, sand and sea vacation

That’s just the change I need, thank you, I whooped with glee
I’ll have some time to think and be phone and internet free
The perfect spot was in the hammock strung in the picturesque bay
I lay cocooned in its enveloping embrace, whiling away the day
Lulled into a calming sense of security by the rhythmic lapping
Of the waves gently licking against the shore line and receding
I let my mind wander as it would of its own free will
In and out of thoughts and scenarios, leaving work behind me still

My hunger pains were becoming stronger so I strolled along the beach
Until I found something I fancied some fresh fruit, a golden peach
I added a bottle of cold water I decided to explore my little paradise
Where I could ponder on some wonderful advice

I sat at my table in the restaurant on my last evening
Savouring the exotic flavours and tastes while dining
Overlooking the moonlight shining on iridescent blue water
Imprinting peacefulness in my mind to recall the picture

May I join you, asks a deep masculine voice
The chair opposite was empty so I had no choice
To be polite I said but of course you may
As I became mesmerised by his vibrant green eyes

He held my gaze with an ironic twist to his mouth opening to a grin
He grasped my hand as he said, my name is Charles Darwin.
Gulping on my café au lait I swallowed burbling laughter
His eyes twinkled as he gave me his card, meet me for dinner?

I’m flying to London catching a plane early tomorrow
His eyes filled with dashed hope and what looked like sorrow
Turning his card over in my hands I saw ‘Saturday for a date?’
I smiled as I left the restaurant, maybe he will be my lifelong mate.

Word Count:  400


  1. This is an intriguing ballard with lots of lovely imagery.

  2. Yes, lots of lovely imagery! The details were perfectly pieced together and the story line was wonderful! I can just see that handsome masculine face.. and hear his charming voice! Wonderful post Sally!!

  3. Wonderful! I really enjoyed this. :)

  4. Hi Sally, nice to meet you. made me laugh with Charles Darwin. Well written, I enjoyed this tremendously.

  5. I liked the Charles Darwin reference also but I don't think I could be with a guy who asks me out by giving me his card. I want more! :)

  6. A really good piece of poetry...I wish I could write one that sounds like a song as you have managed here. Charles Darwin was a cool addition though just a number would have been better. :)

  7. A positive maybe is always a step ahead, I think. Hope it becomes a definite for her, Sally. 'Charles Darwin' offers the suggestion that it was not all physical attraction, I my own mind anyway:)

  8. Dear Sally,
    You are such a romantic!! Anything that thrills our mind and sex appeal. I think Charles did something to you (smile). Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hmm, wish I was on that vacation. A relaxing week, a handsome stranger to remember possibilities. I feel rested and peaceful after reading this.

    Well done.


  10. Sally as always a great story. I could imagine you lying in that hammock strumming your guitar and singing it to us. A lovely feeling of possibilities and hope, with the added allure of the mysterious Charles Darwin. She's going to survive then?
    This is the type of story I imagined when I created this prompt. You have all the elements here that i thought of.


  11. Well, that sounds like a lovely vacation and so romantic,but the guy has got to drop the business card invitation and be a little more direct.

  12. Hi Sally,
    Thank you for visiting my post so early. I am late making my rounds. I'm glad that you agree with me about Priscilla needing to break it off with Paul. I think she has a lot more potential without him!

    Great poem here!
    It started off a little hum-drum and ended with a fanciful meeting. Did your character stumble into a time-loop? It's almost Science-fictiony!
    I once had an idea to let my character go on a blind date with Jacob Grimm (the brother who never married), but my respect and admiration for him got in the way of transforming him into a fictional character.
    Maybe your Charles Darwin is just a man who happens to have the same name. I've just started reading a novel by Graham Greene, Monsignor Quixote (1982), about a Spanish priest whose name is the same as Miguel Cervantes' fictional character. There are lots of references to the man from La Mancha so far. You could do something similar and have this fellow have to live in the shadow of the well-known scientist and his evolutionary theory.
    Best wishes,

    RFW No.42 - 'I need a change'