Wednesday, 15 August 2012

 WEEK #54

The prompt for this week is: LEGACY
For those of us in the UK it is a word we’ve heard and are hearing incessantly. You don’t have to write about the Games or include the word but I would like 100 words on what it says to you. As usual, make it suitable for a PG certificate and do go and visit the rest.
The link will stay open until Monday 19th August

I haven’t got lots of money to leave you
I haven’t got an estate for you to inherit
I haven’t got antiques hiding in the attic
That will finance your way through life
I do have my eternal love to give you
And my morals and ethics to leave you
I taught you the difference between right and wrong
If I was a clever lady I could find those words in a song
I will leave you the family photograph album dating from 1848
I hope the future generations will add to it with more very special dates
Word Count: 100


  1. This reminds me of the will of one of my ancestors who divided her estate between her two sons, and left a dollar to one daughter and all her love to the other daughter.

  2. What a lovely legacy - and worth far more than money.

  3. such emotion - moving :) well done x

  4. The best possible legacy!

  5. Enjoyed this Sally. Much is said here in 100 words and the photograph album is not only a window to the past, but a hope for the future.

  6. That's the best legacy you can leave someone. A Proverb states a good name is better than gold.

  7. Lovely :) I love old pictures like that too, how fitting :)

    Great post!

  8. That was short and very sweet. Well done. :)