Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Hodgepodge 1st April 2020

Every week Joyce poses five questions and the sixth question is for our own random thought.

     1.     Has spring sprung in your part of the world? How can you tell? Did March come in like a lion where you live? Going out like a lamb or something more ferocious?

On Sunday we had all four seasons in that one day, coinciding with moving the clocks forward one hour.   We started with rain, turning to sleet and then big snowflakes fell gently.  A couple of hours later we had a hail storm and in the afternoon, the sun shone through the window showing all the dust (see Q3).

We seem to be a bit behind this year in the UK.  The tree branches are still bare but I have primroses in my garden, a lovely splash of yellow and it always reminds of my youth when I and the other children in the village would go primrose picking over the fields which were then bundled up with wool and sent by train to Covent Garden in London. 

2.     The last thing that caused you to spring to your feet?

A huge black spider running across the living room floor.
My husband jumped out of his skin as I squealed, well I thought I squealed he said I ‘screamed like a girl.’  He came to the rescue with a jam jar and coaster and putting the beast outside.  My hero xx

3.     Do you have a spring clean to-do list? What's one chore on the list you've already managed to accomplish? What spring clean chore do you most dread?

I don’t have a list, although our daughter (who is on lockdown in New Zealand) sent me a list she was sent – it makes me feel a little guilty but not enough to buckle down and get on with them. 

I think the worst would be skirting boards and coving.

This is the list she sent!

4.    Tell us something you've learned about yourself or the wider world as a result of social distancing/the virus crisis.

How lovely and helpful family, friends and strangers are whilst we are sequestered indoors.

Our local Indian restaurant/takeaway shop in our road has been supplying 40 meals for the vulnerable in our street and 40 meals to be transported to our wonderful workers in our local hospital.  Well done them.

5.     Something you love that's the color pink?

Pink roses from hubby.

6.    Insert your own random thought here.

I’ve worn the same pairs of earrings since lockdown.
I haven’t worn any perfume since lockdown.



  1. Your roses are gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing the 28 Day cleaning list. I love lists and inspiration. I already started my spring housecleaning, but this may become a monthly guide for me.

    Blessings, and stay well!

  2. I love your story about the primrose collecting : ) I printed out a cleaning list in January-ha! It's still mostly unchecked but I will wade through eventually. I like to deep clean in spurts. Hubs loves to clean so he's more or less ticking off my list : )

  3. Yikes that 28 tasks in 28 days is a least for me. What a wonderful story about the Indian restaurant! Love all the stories of kindness that are coming out during this time. Beautiful roses. Stay safe!

  4. Thanks for stopping by "Reflections" this week! That list would keep a person busy until after this pandemic is over, but...
    I love pink roses, too! The ones in your picture are beautiful!
    (Kathy from Reflections)

  5. Enjoyed the answers, The worksheet your daughter has seems like a great idea, pink roses from your dh is delightful, they are pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great answers, Sally. I am not one much to work from a list...can't do all that in an RV anyways, LOL! And those are some gorgeous roses! Take good care and stay safe and healthy!

  7. Hi Sally,
    I like the worksheet from your daughter.
    The roses are lovely.
    I had to chuckle about the earrings and perfume.

  8. Thanks for stopping over. There has been crazy weather everywhere for about a year now. We are experiencing a lot of rain and we have had Santa Ana winds that we haven't seen in 30 years in California. A black spider would definitely make me jump to my feet. Love the pink flowers. I haven't worn make up or perfume either! Take care and stay well.