Friday, 15 December 2017

Friday Fictioneers - Blind Date

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Joining in with Friday Fictioneers, our photo prompt this week is supplied by Sandra Crook.


Anthony looked at his watch again, another minute had passed.  How long should he wait under the lamp before he could safely say that he’d been stood up?  He wished he hadn’t accepted the dare from his mates in the pub last night.  They’d obviously set him up for a fall.  He wouldn’t put it past them to be hiding somewhere with their phones ready to take his picture to send just to embarrass him.


Anthony whirled round.  A vision of gorgeousness stood behind him, blushing furiously he extended his hand and leaned in to kiss her rosy cheek.

Word count:  100


  1. Oh wow! Such a beautiful story. I am so happy he wasn't disappointed.

  2. Dear Sally,

    Nice to see a happy ending.



  3. Ah, you've written about a blind date like I did, but with a happy ending! :)

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  4. Is it because I'm old? I would not welcome a cheek kiss from a complete stranger. Off-putting. But maybe I'm just old.

  5. Ha... good for them... a good start for them