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A very warm welcome to my fairy garden.

Take a sneak peek at what goes on when we humans aren’t looking!

He had trembled with fear

As she had drawn near

Blossom knelt on the rock

Her hands gently stroked

The tiny trembling rabbit

She wished she had a carrot

Deep in thought Clara meditated

She pondered and cogitated

Trying to reach the inner depths

To touch others’ breaths

As they passed over in death

Esmeralda sat quite still

A quiet thrill

Passed through her

Knee angled

As she lulled

The tiny bird into her world

Alfriss entered the gate.  He had spied Bluebell lounging with her head in her hands and her thoughts in the clouds. 

Suddenly his throat was dry, his legs nearly gave way beneath him, as hesitantly he approached her. 

Stuttering slightly he managed to say ‘hello’ to Bluebell.

She gazed adoringly up at him.

The nerves Alfriss had suffered as he approached were gone with one look from those baby-blue eyes. 

She made his world feel bright. 

She made his life worth living.

 Ella played with her hair taking no notice of Violet and Luna, who although they were her friends, didn’t really belong in her group but those friends had gone to town and she was left here to talk to these two shy, retiring girls.

Luna sat with her legs crossed talking about this and that and what she was planning to do when she reached adulthood.

Violet sat on the bench and gazed down on the two silly girls below her, that was where they belonged, her parents were the leaders of their clan and they’d be wise to take notice of her.

Silvermist basked in the sunshine. 

All her chores in the cottage were done, her time was now her own.

She fluttered her green wings lazily in the warm rays of the sun. 

This is the life she thought. 

Almost nodding off in the hazy summer day her leisure was rudely disrupted by the ringing of the telephone jarring her peaceful thoughts.

Rani listened to Prilla’s problems

The two fairies were great chums

Sitting comfortably in her chair

She was shocked when she heard about the affair

Rani said she would find her magic spells

She promised Prilla she would not tell

Not a soul, not a one

Her lips were sealed she would keep mum

Buttercup was annoyed with herself.  She was supposed to be the sensible one.  She couldn’t help what was in her heart. 

She could see her neighbours over the way, probably gossiping about her those two. 

Rani and Prilla liked nothing more than to natter and it was usually about other people. 

Buttercup would get over it, she always did. 

This time though he had taken much more than her heart, he had taken her soul as well. 

Odilla brought the flower to her favourite place. 

It was quiet here.  She could think about her loss. 

It had been a few years now but her baby was forever in her heart. 

It wasn’t meant to be. 

His was such a short life on this earthly plane. 

She gently placed her floral token next to the mound as her silent tears fell. 

Ten years of heartache, she would never forget her baby boy.

Sitting elegantly on the green land, Luella stretched her wings and let them close gently. 

This was the right place to sit, the white pond glistening and shimmering behind her. 

All her cares could be forgotten for a few moments. 

That’s all she needed, just a few minutes of respite to calm her down and then she could put on her brace face against the world.

This punishment was too hard. 

Finn didn’t want to fetch the water from the well. 

He was only a boy elf after all. 

Why couldn’t his dad do it? 

His mum said he had to be the man of the family now. 


Where was his dad? 

Why wouldn’t anyone tell him what was going on?

 Shush, don’t tell

He’s watching us from the well

Come on and splash me

Tee-hee-hee, says Ruby

Mind my hat

Watch out, here comes a cat.

There was nothing more joyous than tending her garden. 

Rosetta loved her job. 

She was nearly ready to open her private sanctuary up to the public. 

All the donations she would give to charity and maybe, just maybe this year he would walk up her path and whisk her away. 

She would give up her garden if he did that. 

She surely would. 

That silly sister of mine, always working on her plants, waiting for romance. 

Daisy knew she was waiting in vain. 

Nobody ever comes to these parts.  It doesn’t matter if you keep your garden looking beautiful. 

She doesn’t get anybody visiting. 

I don’t get anybody visiting either and my garden is pretty messy but I don’t care.  

Daisy sat down and humphed as she looked at the weeds.
She remembered her Nan saying, ‘a weed is only a flower growing in the wrong place.’ 

Good old Nan. 

Goodness, she did miss her grandma.

I’ll just hide here. 

Eolande was feeling lazy today. 

She might get some grief from her parents but they would be too busy to notice her absence. 

She would just stay here and talk to her pet rabbit.  

After all her birthday only came once a year. 

Rosalie blushed prettily as she noticed Brokk lazing behind the chairs. 
He was really very handsome. 

Rosalie thought she would be brave and actually talk to him today. 

She changed her mind quickly as Brokk flicked a snail at her.


This will make a nice nest thought Bobbin the Robin. 

No it’s not quite right muttered Bobbin

This old boot will be much more comfortable.

All I have to do is keep those pesky fairies in line.

I hope you enjoyed this little sortie into my fairy world. 


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