Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sun Flowers

FFfAW – Week of January 26, 2016

50th Challenge
Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Week of 01-26 through 02-01-2016

This week's photo prompt is provided by Sonya, owner of the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya!
Guide for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
1. A prompt photo will be provided each Tuesday to be used as a base to your story. Please include photo prompt with your story.
2. Linking for this challenge begins on Tuesday and runs to the following Monday evening.
3. Please credit photo to photographer
4. The story word limit is 100 - 150 words (+ - 25 words). Please try and stay within this limit.
5. Pingback to the challenge post in your story's post.
6. This is a flash fiction challenge (stories in 100-175 words or less) and each story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Therefore, no serial (continuation) stories. They become too complicated for our readers.
7. Add your story to the InLinkz Link-up (Blue Froggy button). If you need link-up instructions, please email at mepricelessjoy@gmail.com.
*8. Please keep your stories no more than PG 13 rating.
9. Remember, half the fun is reading and commenting on each other's stories.

Here is my flash:

Dorothy came round the corner, her bones were aching, her feet hurt and her arthritic hands gripped her stroller tightly.  Pushing her weekly shop ahead of her she stopped to take in the sight before her.

Sunflowers.  How were these growing outside a wall in an urban street?  It always amazed her how nature did what it did.  In all her 70 odd years she hadn't seen them growing tall and strong through the cracks in the pavement.   Such determination these tall stems had. 

Dorothy thought it was a bit like her own life. She was always reaching out, trying to grow and now in her twilight years she was finding new ways of developing her mind and creative skills.  The physical abilities were long gone but her mind was still as sharp as ever.  She took out her mobile phone, snapped a photo and sent it to her granddaughter and wrote: 

‘Sunshine for my sunshine.’


  1. Loved this! "Sunshine for my sunshine." Sounds like something a loving grandmother would say. I also loved how she compared the sunflowers growing from the pavement to her life. Wonderful story, Sally!

  2. Very sweet story. I like that the Grandma is still learning despite her age. It's important Because if you don't use it, you lose it at her age. Cute ending.

  3. Such a lovely story, and so real! So happy to see you return to the Flash Fiction challenges, we've missed you!

  4. Awww...Sally. So sweet. I'm glad you got your mojo back! Many more flash fictions on the way?

  5. What a sweet story! I have a very clear picture of her from your first paragraph.

  6. What a sweet final line! Goes to show we're all people, no matter what our lot is in life.

  7. Lovely take Sally, well done..

  8. Wow. What a lovely story you have scribbled here. I love the rhythm of the paragraphs, they somehow sounded like prose poetry. :)