Wednesday, 23 October 2013


J.L. Campbell is hosting a blogfest entitled, Who's Your Hero?

October 22 - 24 2013

It's easy to participate. Write a maximum of 300 words in which you talk about someone who's encouraged or inspired you in some way. It may be a spouse, writing buddy, teacher, one of your kids or none of the above. You get the gist.


My Grandfather, My Hero

Frederick Robert Charles Davis

1902 – 1969

Fred came from a large family, seven brothers and one sister.  In 1920 he served as a soldier in the Army in India.  In 1929 he married my grandmother, Hetty.   They had two beautiful daughters who went on to have families of their own.

Fred wasn't a great talker but he always had time for his grandchildren.  Granddad could fix any toy, he re-glazed windows broken from wayward cricket balls hit by my brother and cousins.  He showed me how to pluck a turkey ready for Christmas, how to play cards and games and not be a sore loser.  

I remember the smell of paint, of putty and linseed oil, the special aroma of Brylcreem he used on his silver grey hair.   He had pale powder blue eyes encircled by a white ring outside which was a Davis family trait that has died out in future generations.  His hands were huge to a young girl, dotted with prominent blue veins that fascinated me.

We sat on the river bank; I read my book while my grandfather taught his grandsons, Bob, Richard and Nick to fish with patience and silence so that they didn't frighten the fish away.   I vividly remember the smell of the fish in the sink in the outhouse until my grandmother had time to gut them and de-scale them ready to cook them for tea.

My grandfather would call me ‘Princess’ which made me feel so special.  

He never talked about his time as a serving fireman during the Second World War while his family were evacuated to Somerset to safety from Hastings in the South East of England, a town pummelled by the Luftwaffe bombs and doodlebugs. 

Love and miss you Granddad.



  1. Sally,
    Thanks for taking the time to tell us Who's Your Hero? Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful family man. I think it's important for us to be able to lose gracefully, and obviously he believed in that. It's clear how much he meant to you.

  2. You have such precious memories. I'm glad you can hold onto those. He sounds angelic.

    I dropping by thru the blogfest.

    Be well.

  3. Your Grandpa sounds so sweet. Mine taught me how to play cards and fish, too. He called me his Little Angel.

  4. Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man. I wasn't lucky enough to know any of my grandfathers. Thanks for sharing these sweet memories.

  5. Hey Sally. Such a heartwarming tribute to your grandad. One of my grandad's was a very strict Irishman who terrified me. Luckily, my father was sweet and is definitely a hero of mine. :D

  6. Sally this is beautiful... and special.
    I love the details that you've highlighted about your grandfather... like little gems... priceless...
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Such a beautiful tribute. Very moving and also wonderful. Bless! He sounds like a wonderful man.