Tuesday, 25 June 2013


WWBH June 19 2013
The rules are simple:

The story must be related to the above picture and include the random words below. 
It must also be under 500 words.

Most important, have fun and don't stress out.

When you're done link your story to the linky at the bottom.
Random Words:






Here is my entry for this week:

Abigail was fuming.  The stupid driver had nearly caused a head-on collision.  He roared off in his souped-up, super-duper car, exhaust growling, down the road through the traffic lights with no thought for anybody else.   No wonder the other car drivers were shaking their heads in disbelief at what had nearly happened.   The line of cars started to move off as the green lights beckoned them onwards on their journeys.
She replaced her pen and pad in the pocket of her white apron covering her black skirt and quickly made her way to the back of the restaurant and in to the kitchen.
‘Hey, doll, you OK?’ the silky satin words came from Roger as he turned and grinned at her whilst fixing the dishwasher controls once again. 
‘You don't want to know,’ Abigail replied trying to smile in return. 
The crescent moon began to shine through the back window, leaving just enough time to grab a quick cup of coffee before the office workers came in on their way home. 
Their little café, with their own speciality roasted beans, made it a pleasant social gathering for their customers to imprint superior tastes in their minds before they returned to their, perhaps sometimes, care-worn lives of family problems and disputes, as they left their hectic jobs behind for a few hours.
Abigail sat still and took the time to savour her coffee. She’d chosen the Coconino Mocha with the chocolate sauce that was her little special treat and indulgence once a day before her feet were too sore and her legs ached and her back felt as though it was on fire.
She placed her empty cup and saucer in the newly fixed dishwasher, wrapped her arms around Roger, gave him a loving squeeze and a quick peck on his cheek. 
‘Stay a while,’ he murmured as he enfolded her in his strong, muscular arms.  ‘You still have a few minutes.’
‘I wish I could but the rush is about to start,’ she replied with a heartfelt sigh.
Abigail stood behind the counter chatting to her colleague, Jane, just as a young lad sauntered in, baseball cap on the wrong way round, chains dangling from his jeans that were hanging down by his crotch.
She went over to his table, pen poised over her pad, looked him in the eye daring him to say something cheeky to her. 
‘Yo, sis!’
Abigail’s left eyebrow arched over her forehead.
‘Sorry, Abby,’ came a mumbled apology of sorts.  ‘Please can I have a Cuppa Jo?’
Abigail nodded her head, patted his hand and turned to fulfil the order.  She returned to his table quickly, placed the coffee down on the coaster.
‘So you’re still in character then, Ben?’ she asked quizzically.  ‘How do you like being an extra on the film set?’
Her 16 year old brother sipped his coffee with relish, nodded his head and grinned as he gave her the thumbs up.
Word Count: 493


  1. I love the surprise ending! You always have such wonderful twists in your stories. :)

  2. I am never disappointed when I visit you. This is an awesome piece of writing.


  3. I love the twists you always have at the end!

  4. I could picture this whole scene well, you set the stage perfectly.

  5. Nice little twist at the end, I enjoyed this.

  6. Nice twist. Good work.