Sunday, 2 June 2013


Only time will tell
There is no magic spell
I can’t mend his broken heart
He doesn't want to be apart
From the three people in his life
He loves with all his might
His world has turned upside down
Suddenly he is a broken man
My boy is hurting so badly
He loves truly, deeply, madly
Emotions running high
Tears fall from his eyes as he cries
He can’t believe it went so wrong
He thought it would be life long
How can I heal his broken heart?
A mother hurts and tries to comfort
She can find no words as she can’t understand
The mind of another and what is planned


  1. So heartbreaking. No matter at what age, a mother always hurts when her child is hurting. For some things, only time can heal.

  2. My kids are younger and have never experienced what you've described (the same thing we adults have gone through...). I'm more than a little nervous about when that happens. Hopefully I'll be there to help them through it--if they want help from their dad, that is. ;) Thanks for posting this.

  3. We can't live their relationships for them, or fix them when they go wrong. Someone in our family just went through a brutal breakup, and it stressed me no end to see the effect of the loss on my child.

    It's part of life, but the saddest part - learning how to deal with loss and pick up the pieces. Try to recover with grace. Just being there(as a parent or friend) for them to talk to can help if they're willing to talk.

    I sympathize.