Friday, 10 May 2013


This week's (Wednesday 8th May 2013) prompt - first, the rules.

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story
2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.
3) You have until next Tuesday to link up your post.
4) Link up with your blog hostess (NicoleCarrie, Tena or Leanne)
5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow
This week's photo is courtesy of Flikr Commons:

The 5 must-use words:






Jessica stood at the edge of the wooden path gazing along its interminable length to the barren trees at the bend far ahead.  She couldn't believe how the universe could be so evil and conspire to make her mobile phone run out of charge.  No chance of rescue any time soon.   Today of all days when there was so much to do and so little time left.
 The tyre blowing out on the main road wouldn't have been a problem if only she’d bought some butter at the supermarket and packed it in to the bags in the boot of the car.  Then she could have greased the wheel nut and changed the flat for the spare one and driven home carefully.
The shortcut home looked rather precarious but she would just have to get on with it.  She heaved her handbag over her shoulder, rolled up the sleeves on her pretty white embroidered blouse, hitched up her skirt away from her booted ankles and started marching along the path.
 Her mind began to wander as she thought about the rest of the decorations that still had to be hung in the ballroom for her sister, Natasha’s wedding reception tomorrow afternoon.   She ran through a mental check list. 
The helium balloons, in the boot of her non-functioning car - tick. 
The three-tier wedding cake was being delivered to the house in the morning: she would have to arrange alternative transport to get it to the venue - tick.  
The flowers were coming straight from the florists – tick.
She would set her alarm clock for silly o’clock tomorrow to ensure there was enough time to alleviate these blasted problems.
She smiled as she thought how pretty Natasha’s dress was.  She didn't want to let her sister down and only hoped that the running repair she’d had to make on the hem of her own bridesmaid’s dress wouldn't be too visible after the slight wardrobe malfunction she’d had yesterday when she’d caught it on the heel of the stiletto shoe she was supposed to squash her feet in to.
Natasha had told her that it would be a good idea to break in the new shoes beforehand so Jessica though she might as well wear the dress as well.   It was all going so well as she pottered around the kitchen until she stretched up to the top shelf for a pan which is when she caught her heel in the hem and heard a loud ripping sound.
The cotton thread she had to use on the running repair was only a slightly different colour to the dress.  It was red (well perhaps more scarlet than red) instead of a pretty pastel pink to match the dress.  
She was sure it wouldn't be very noticeable in subdued lighting; luckily it was at the back of the dress, so if the great, wonderful universe didn't throw another spanner in the works she should get away with it.

Word count: 497


  1. What a wonderful story, Sally! You sure packed a lot into those 497 words. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me the other day, and I hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Kathy M.

  2. That list of words looked impossible to incorporate into a single story with that photo, but you did it! And masterfully, as usual. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Well done Sally with the prompt and the use of the specific words. They were not easy to fit, but you did it...great!!

  4. Didn't enter this week's blog hop. The picture didn't stir anything in me. But glad it did for you. Nominating you for an award, Check it out at

  5. Great job Sally!

  6. I think I love best the underlays of frustration even as she goes about so willing and happy to help her sister. :) The subtlety is perfect.