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For February's Challenge, your hosts invite authors to write up to 1000 words of fanfiction involving your favorite romance couple from TV, movie, literature or historical accounts. Remember; your post MUST include a credit/link back to the original author/creator of the characters. Your link can be: a movie/book trailer, link to a purchasing site for the novel, magazine article or other author interview in which the characters are described by the originating author, wiki or IMB article; or anything that gives full credit to the creator.

My story is taken from a British myth and legend concerning King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Credit:  Inspiration was taken from
BBC ONE TV Series (5 Series in all)
Fantasy Drama based on the legend of King Arthur and Merlin
Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure television programme by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps. It was broadcast on BBC One between 20 September 2008 and 24 December 2012. The show is loosely based on the Arthurian legends of the young wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur but differs from traditional versions in many ways. The show was influenced by the U.S. drama series Smallville, about the early years of Superman,[3] and was produced by independent production company Shine Limited


Guinevere and Lancelot
The sun slanted its morning rays into the bedroom.  Guinevere groaned slightly as she swung her elegant legs over the side of the bed and her feet hit the cold floor.  She heard the cockerel crowing just outside the wooden door.  She could hear her mother already up and about in their living quarters. 
‘Good morning, Gwen.  Are you ready for your big day,’ asked her mother as she quickly ladled some hot oats into a wooden bowl for her daughter.
Guinevere smiled nervously as she tried to eat her breakfast but the lump in her throat was making it difficult to swallow.  Her first day as lady’s maid to Lady Morganna up at Camelot castle meant that she might get a chance to improve her situation and meet a prospective husband. 
(Little did she know what life had in store for her)
The rumours abounded about the Lady Morganna and some of the strange shenanigans that allegedly went on at the royal abode and not all of them were pleasant.   She wasn’t sure it was the right move for her but her mother and father said she had to do more than have her head in the clouds.
(Guinevere didn't know what was wrong with day dreaming.
 If she had paper and a quill and some ink she would
write her thoughts down every day).
The first month passed by in a blur of activity as she scurried to and fro trying to meet every need of the very spoilt lady of leisure and occasionally she would espy some of the royal court.  The Knights were handsome fellows and often gave her a quick smile and sometimes a little tap on her backside.
One particular Knight seemed to take a shine to her.  Sir Lancelot had just returned from a year away on a quest.  She watched as he swaggered his way through the hallways, his chainmail clinking in rhythm with his pace. 
(A thought of spending time with him popped unbidden into her head).
Merlin the Wizard watched Guinevere and knew that trouble was brewing. Sir Lancelot and King Arthur always wanted the same women but Arthur would always pull rank which is why Lancelot had been sent away for a year.
Sir Lancelot stopped Guinevere in the corridor, catching her rushing back to her lady’s bedchamber with an armful of clean clothes. 
‘Fair Lady,’ he said bowing low from the knee and sweeping his arm across his chest.  Guinevere blushed to the roots of her dark hair and mumbled what she hoped was a suitable greeting in return.
As she shut the door of the bedchamber her heart was beating fast and her legs were trembling.  He was so handsome close up with his slightly stubbled chin and shoulder length hair and that sexy aquiline nose. 
(Her dreams that night were rather erotic to say the least).
Lady Morganna was quite grumpy the next morning but nothing could dampen Guinevere’s spirits which annoyed Her Ladyship even more.   In a huff Morganna flounced out in to the corridor and haughtily made her way to the Great Hall where all the Knights and King Arthur were meeting at the Round Table.
Guinevere followed so that she could dance attendance upon her lady as she stood at the edge of the Great Hall craning her head to see over the shoulders of all the retainers crammed into the large space that was becoming more and more overcrowded every minute. 
The Knights were all seated around a circular wooden table.  The Round Table had been commissioned by King Arthur and crafted by her father.  There would be no head of the table because all the Knights were to be equal.
As the meeting ended the Lady Morganna sidled up to Sir Lancelot and engaged him in conversation.  Guinevere stood to the side and slightly behind her Ladyship and caught Lancelot’s eye.  He winked at her and started to move towards to her all the while nodding in the right places at Morganna’s inane conversation.  
Guinevere took a sharp intake of breath as she felt Lancelot’s fingers brush against her hand.  She kept her eyes demurely downcast although her breathing became a little more ragged.  Lightly stroking his thumb against the back of her hand and travelling slowing up towards her forearm she felt the pressure of his fingers as he wrapped them around her slender wrist. 
King Arthur called to Lady Morganna who excused herself and hurried to meet the King.  Lancelot turned towards Guinevere and in his deep, sonorous tones asked if she would meet him at the entrance to the Bell Tower after she had finished her evening duties.  Guinevere nodded slightly and rushed to do her ladyship’s bidding as everybody started to leave the Great Hall.
Merlin the Wizard had watched this exchange with a slight smile hovering around his mouth.  His long white beard twitched slightly as he shook his head slightly.  Only time would tell whether the long held prophesy would come true or not, for the time being he was willing to let the young lovers have their moment.
Guinevere rushed around that evening trying not to let her anticipation show, she was secretly pleased to have gained a Knight’s interest, seemingly winning his attention from the Lady Morganna who she knew would fly in to a jealous rage if she found out about their secret tryst.
Guinevere arrived at the bottom of the stairwell to the Bell Tower, her breath coming in short pants partly due to rushing and partly due to the nervous anticipation she was feeling. 
‘My Lady,’ said Sir Lancelot as he took her hand and brought it up to his lips where he briefly caressed the back of her hand.  She could feel the stubble of his beard grazing her skin. 
Guinevere bowed slightly and smiled, looking in to Sir Lancelot’s eyes for the first time.  Their eyes locked together, mirroring the passion and intimacy they felt throbbing through their veins.
Word Count: 1,0000


Guinevere  played by Angel Coulby and  Lancelot played by Santiago Cabrera


  1. Love it Sally. Loved the underlying humour. Ah, the legend is born!
    Thanks for sharing your fan fic. Great writing.


  2. I'm not familiar with the show but the writing was great and the story nicely unfolded, just hate that there wasn't more!

  3. Interesting. I'm also not familiar with the show but some of the uses of familiar characters made sense. Good job with the fanfic scene.

  4. Romance is your strong suit Sally, well done!

  5. Good selection! I hadn't even thought of that one. There are so many variations on this old story.

  6. February 22, 2013, 05:40 A.M.

    Dear Sally,

    What fun! I haven't seen the television series, but I know what the legend of King Arthur is all about. You have included all of these marvelous details that put the reader there with Guinevere.

    Such a funny story, but with the right feeling for the time of this legend. (My children think that King Arthur was a real person!)

    You are a versatile writer. You can write stories that are hilarious as well as those that make us weep.

    Well done!

    Best wishes,

  7. I've only seen a handful of episodes of this series, but you caught the dynamic really well. Sweet story, I felt the young love angst.

  8. Hi Sally
    I really love this. We have Gwen and Lance as young lovers as apposed to older ones. And she isn't wed to the King. How different all their lives would have been if your story were the one. I haven't seen this series. In the US we had one called Merlin where he was a teenager and it was terrible, didn't last. This proves that just taking a great character isn't enough, the writing must hold up too. You did that.

  9. Enjoyed your version of the King Arthur tale, too. Even the original shows that it doesn't matter who you're married to, if someone steals your heart. Thanks for the visit to my blog, Sally!

  10. I've seen a couple of episodes from that show, the kids enjoyed it, but it didn't hold my attention. I do however, love the knights of the round table stories, and you've done a good job with this one. It makes me wonder how Guinevere will now be lured towards Kind Arthur after meeting hunky Lancelot.

  11. I didn't want this to end. It was that good; captivating and ensnaring much like the knight himself.

  12. Haven't seen the show, but recall the story/characters from the book. Interesting take, would have liked to know how the story unfolded further.

  13. This is a lovely introduction to the stories of the Knights of the Round Table - it would lure in those who are unfamiliar with the legend.