Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Do you love chocolate? Does the very word make you drool with anticipation? Then be sure to join us on September 10th for the “What’s Your Chocolate” Blogfest and tell us all about it!

 Post about your favorite chocolate – what it means to you, where and when you indulge, a favorite memory – anything chocolate-related.

 Hosted by M. Pax, Laura Eno, Brinda Berry, and Ciara Knight.

Chocolate kept in the fridge eaten cold
At room temperature from the cupboard
A matter of taste and opinion
Available globally from Australia to Britain
Plain cocoa beans 70% or more
Add some milk, cream, fruit and nuts galore
Turns us into frenzied, addicted gannets
When one square or bar is not enough
Saying ‘no thank you’ is so very tough
Giving up for New Year resolutions or Lent
Then gorging chocolate eggs at Easter weekend
You might as well admit to your addiction
And give in to this all consuming passion
Favourite childhood memories of chocolate:
Those wonderful hollow Father Christmas chocolates from the Christmas tree and my aunt’s famous boozy chocolate fridge cake which we were only allowed to eat once we were deemed ‘old enough.’

This is Aunty Margaret’s recipe – she usually added more booze than the recipe stated.
Refrigerated Chocolate Biscuit Cake

8oz plain chocolate (melted)
½ lb butter (melted)
½ lb digestive biscuits (broken into large pieces)
2 oz mixed fruits (cherries, sultanas, mixed peel)
2 eggs
2 level dessert spoons caster sugar
2 oz chopped walnuts (or almonds, brazils, hazelnuts)
2 oz glacé cherries
2 tablespoons brandy or rum

Butter 6” or 7” cake tin
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water
Soften the butter
Using a large bowl beat the eggs with the caster sugar
Pour the melted chocolate and butter into the eggs and sugar and beat well
Fold in the broken biscuits
Add the fruit and nuts
Add the brandy or rum

Put mixture into the cake tin
Refrigerate for at least four hours or until set
Decorate the top with cherries
Serve in slices/wedges with cream if desired.

N.B. Measurements are imperial


  1. Holy Moley I've gotta try that cake! Tonight I gorged myself on two squares if sugar free white chocolate and it was delish.
    Love that poem clever Sally!
    Glad you found the blogfest!

  2. This chocolate blogfest is making me hungry every time I get online! And the cake sounds so yummy! I do like a bit of rum.... thanks for sharing and I enjoyed your poem as always. "When one square or bar is not enough, Saying ‘no thank you’ is so very tough" <== indeed! (:

  3. I like to think of myself as a functional chocoholic. I have it under control. For those of us on this side, what, exactly is a digestive biscuit?

    1. Hi Dena, a digestive biscuit is a semi-sweet wheat/wholewheat biscuit originally used to aid digestion. My preferred brand is McVities (originally a Scottish based firm.

  4. I'm a chocoholic. I admit it! Loved the poem.

  5. That cake sounds delightful! I'll give it a try. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  6. Holidays are usually filled with great chocolate memories. :) Thanks for joining the blogfest!

  7. A late visitor, and a new follower. Nice to meet you. I'm dropping by from the chocolate blogfest.

    Question: is a digestive biscuit the same as a digestive cookie?
    It's usually wholemeal flour.

  8. Those biscuits sound great! Yummy.