Wednesday, 18 July 2012


100 Word Challenge for Grown ups – Week #50

Week 50.  As it is summer here in the UK we could write about the weather as it is the middle of summer so the sun will be around – yes? No!! The prompt is:

… the rain turned the road into a river…

You have 100 words to add to the prompt making 108 in total. Please don’t split the prompt. Link is above for others to find us.

The rain turned the road into a river running downhill
She stared out of the rain lashed window leaning on the sill
She remembered another day being caught in the rain
Laughing together as they became drenched to the skin
Leaning out of the windows all the cars at a standstill
Bending forward towards each other as their lips met together
The warm wet liquid falling on their hair making them wetter and wetter
A moment in time that they couldn’t pass up because of the weather
A yellow daisy, a fleeting kiss, an eternal memory to treasure
A love to last, an unforgettable romantic gesture

Word Count: 108


  1. That's a very romantic scene both in image and poem. I like how the slant rhyme keeps the couplets from becoming sing-songy.

  2. OOOH! I love this moment. and dream of having them. :) thank you for posting this! :) the wording creates just the right amount of rhythm with out being distracting.

  3. So lovely, so romantic :-)

  4. sweet and romantic. I've kissed someone in the rain once, a long time ago....brings back sweet memories. (:

  5. Perfect prompt for the UK summer!!

    This is really lovely. Great rhythm and it reads effortlessly.

  6. I liked it a lot, the rhymes, half-rhymes, rhythms.
    The "all the cars at a standstill" and "A yellow daisy, a fleeting kiss." All makes for a very nice poetic encounter.
    Thanks, Randy

  7. How very sweet indeed! Not even the rain dampens a moment like this.
    Excellent work!