Tuesday, 3 July 2012


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #48
The picture last week certainly split the views with some of you loving it and others leaving it alone.jfb57
Hopefully this week will bring harmony back to all. It is simply:-

… I blamed it on the dog…

Your pieces should be 106 words long (the prompt plus 100). Please make sure you visit to comment on others and do leave a link back here for others to find us.

Here is my take on the prompt -
N.B. I obtained the owner's permission to use the photograph of the wonderful Bailey - this piece is fictional.


Romping in the leaves, lolloping, his big paws scrambling
Ears pricked up with the sounds of dry branches breaking
Snuffling in the ground sending up spirals of dust and dirt
Trying to find the elusive smells, tantalising his senses, all alert
Laughter echoed through the sparse woodland with gaiety
The trio were having such a fun filled day where they all could agree
Until the moment came for rest and respite, a blanket on the ground
Out came the hamper, pastries, pies, plates and cutlery set out all around
Along with an empty bottle of eggnog
Pointing at him, I blamed it on the dog.


  1. Am always impressed when I read poems that scan well- great use of the prompt.
    I am not very confident with poems but you have a knack of making them work ;)

  2. Poor dog! He's having so much fun and then gets blamed for something that's not his fault. I'm feeling really sorry for all our four-legged, furry friends this week.

  3. And the poor dog doesn't even like eggnog, right? ;) Oh, who am I kidding - he's a dog, he likes everything!

  4. That made me laugh ! Bailey and Eggnog, and he looks so innocent too ! xx

  5. A lovely little poem with a nice rhythm!

  6. Cute poem and I love eggnog, wish I could find some in France. But I don't think I'd point my finger at a dog like Bailey. (;

    And thanks for sharing the link and excerpt of Doggie-Dog, (socks are so addicting). The book sounds like a fun read.

  7. Well, at least you had a dog to blame it on :)


  8. Aha so easy to blame it on the dog. Loved your poem. The images romped along, lolloping on the page. I love your work.


  9. Hmm. I might have to try this one. There are so many things I could blame on my dog. Like anyone would believe me... :D


  10. Enjoyed this poem Sally. Nicely paced, well balanced and the ending works well.