Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Wednesday Stories-Treasure Chest 23 


She stood with her elbows leaning on the window sill

Wishing she could go outside but she felt so ill

Resting her forehead on the cool window pane

When they came in they would all complain

That they couldn’t feel their fingers and toes

They’d grab the tissues and give their noses a good blow

In the meanwhile she watched the sparks from the bonfire

Dance and flicker, orange flames spurting up in spires

She saw her brother and cousins arching their sparklers

Writing words in the air like famous conjurers

Heads in bobble hats leaning back as the noise of the rockets

Whooshed high in to the sky and burst into little pockets

Of brilliant hues and showered down in glittery streams

Delighting the observers as they squealed and screamed

She looked forward to hot dogs and bowls of tomato soup

When the party rushed in from the cold in a headlong group

Wellies and boots, hats and scarves, coats and gloves

Discarded with abandon and good natured pushing and shoves

Next year she wouldn’t be alone indoors and down in the dumps

‘Cos her mum said you can’t catch them twice these horrible, painful mumps.

1 comment:

  1. beautiful poetry.
    loved the way you painted her moves and all that happened .
    thank you for sharing