Saturday, 16 June 2012

Knights of Micro Fiction

I've missed the deadline (again!).  

I decided to have a go at writing micro fiction, not my usual poetic form.
So this is my first attempt following this prompt:

Knights of Micro Fiction

Knights of Micro Fiction contest this month, hosted by the awesome Kathy at Imagine Today and Jess at Write.Skate.Dream. Go and check out both their blogs if you don't know them and join in the challenge if you fancy it! They post a story prompt on the 13th of each month and participants have until 11.59pm on the 15th to post their entries. By the 17th, two winners will be chosen to be featured on their blogs. Here's this month's prompt:
Write a 200 word or less, flash fiction beginning with this phrase:  Her eyes shot open....
You are free to change the gender and the POV if you want to


Her eyes shot open and slowly things began to come in to focus.  She was aware of moving shapes above her head slowly twirling and glinting as sunlight started to stream in through a net curtained window.
She moved her arms and flexed her fingers in front of her face and gave a little murmur as she tried kicking her legs out from underneath covers that wrapped around her.
Her head turned and she glimpsed the cream coloured bars.  She reached out her hand to grab on to the wooden pole, grunting as she pulled her weight across the softness she was lying on, using her left hand to steady herself.
Gradually she managed to pull herself first in to a crouching position and then, using her growing strength, she reached further forwards up into a standing position.
She started to pull against the bars that kept her enclosed and opening her mouth started calling out.
‘Mmmm, mmmm.’
The door opened and standing in the threshold was a huge shadowy figure that advanced quickly towards her, arms outstretched.
‘It’s about time you learnt to say Daddy,’ the loving voice said picking her up and cuddling her into his strong body.

Word count: 200


  1. Oh, I love this! You had me guessing until the very end and what a sweet surprise! (:

  2. Love it! I was completely taken aback by the ending. It's amazing how a little perspective changes everything.

  3. Wow, that's great! I had no idea.. love that surprise ending!

  4. Awesome perspective Sally. Vivid, clear imagery from beginning to end. Well done.


  5. Very cool post! Its refreshing to read this and almost makes me want to have more kids. Almost.